Issue 1 - Arrival
Sam had it all: a beautiful wife, home and a great job. It didn't take long for it all to be gone. What was left to live for? Sam was ready to end it all when a strange encounter changes his life forever.

"Arrival" explains Sam's origin, his encounter with a powerful stranger and the appearance of the 'demon seed.' Sam never thought his life would ever end up like this.

Issue 2 - Emergency
After Sam's first battle with the demon seed, he seeks help from a local Emergency Room. His wounds surprise the doctors…especially one doctor. Sam must fight his way through the hospital and must also save everyone inside from an explosive surprise.

"Emergency" continues Sam's struggle to accept the truth, make new friends and decide on his future.

Issue 3 - Return of the King
Sam finds himself in a Las Vegas show. Impersonating Elvis was never a career choice for Sam. Now it all hangs in the balance. Don't mess with the King, baby.

"Return of the King" combines action, humor and…well…Elvis. This issue launches Sam into a whole new journey.

Issue 4 - Devil's Canyon
Sam needs to stop and rest after riding all day. The campground seemed to be a quiet enough, until 'they' arrived. Now Sam must protect himself and others from the demon seed.

"Devil's Canyon" explores Sam's softer side, until events force him to be hard as nails.




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